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How it works? We’re paid revenue under our BT partner contract. Simply put, we share some of this financial reward with group members. Our team are all technical with serious knowledge of Ethernet leased line connectivity procurement. And you contract directly with BT.

Join our Telecoms Buyers Group and receive discounts across 100Mbp/s, 1Gbp/s & 10Gbp/s BT Leased line costs purchased via The Network Union. Contracts, billing and support are provided by BT.

How it works?

The Network Union operate as an Authorised Partner of BT Business with commercial agreements in place across their services from lines and Broadband through to 100Mbps and 1Gbps leased lines.

To validate our approach, our company is listed on the BT Partners page.

We are paid a commission when customers place orders with BT via our Authorised Partnership, which means we can share some profitability back to you, the BT customer. Our relationship with BT helps us make becoming a new customer or upgrading existing connectivity as simple as possible and, in some cases, the Partner channel has exclusive deals that are not available directly from BT.

You are still buying a direct BTNet service, not a 3rd party.

BT Partners do not own any end to end customer contracts. In other words, we technically manage your account, but your order is placed directly with BT - BT provides product support and billing, just as they would if you ordered directly.

Benefits - Why BT direct vs. Wholesale line access vs. searching the market?

Our offer is based on a genuine end to end delivered BT leased line connectivity - BTNet services. If you are searching the market, your business needs to be confident that your service is connected to a well-scaled infrastructure such as BT.

What are the buyers group discounts?

  • 10% discount on the first year's annual rental cost for both 3 and 5 year contracts across BT leased line costs.
  • Outside of the first year, we are offering 4.5% discount on the remaining term for 3 year contracts and 6% for the remaining term on 5 year contracts.

Apply to join The Network Union Buyers Group and we'll send you a link right back to progress a quotation. All BT Leased Line Ethernet orders are placed directly with the BT channel. All contracts, support and billing is provided by BT. Network Union operate as technical account managers, your interface and alternative route into BT Business.

By joining the Buyers Group, you are not committed to buy services. You will be able to receive discounts across the entire BT Business portfolio.

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Conducting leased line providers comparison? With BT viewed as a premium provider, what are the significant differences vs. their competitors?



What is the SLA for BTNet Ethernet leased line services?

  • BTNet includes a 4 hour support response time and 5-hour target fix.
  • Flex bandwidth quickly up to the the 100Mbps or 1Gbps limit.
  • Delivery SLA: Beyond 7 days of CDD (Committed Delivery Date) 10% reduction in charges, 8-31 working days 20%, 32 working days to 6 months 50% and over 6 months 100%.
  • BT aims to provide 100% availability, reduction of rental charges if an outage occurs
  • UK core network guarantees a latency of 20ms or less between core nodes.
  • Transatlantic BT leased line latency is guaranteed at 95ms of less between transit hubs.
  • All managed Cisco hardware covered for 4-hour change where required.

What are the BTNet resiliency and diversity options to improve SLA uptime?

Adding resilience to your BTNet requires the addition of a diverse secondary circuit. BT will primarily design a solution which avoids any single point of failure (subject to survey). The success of any resilient and diverse solution surrounds the ability to connect into diverse building entry points, dual routers and dual tail circuits routed to separate BT exchanges.

Again, this is a real plus point regarding the discussion of network coverage since the larger network providers can route your site into diverse points within their network. With managed BTNet, two Cisco routers are deployed configured as an HSRP pair. If one managed route fails, the failover would automatically re-route your Internet traffic.

As you would expect when connecting a second circuit, the overall leased line costs will increase.

The BTNet service is also available with load balancing - the traffic is shared across two physical access which, again, may be diversely routed. The second circuit could be a lower bandwidth than the primary circuit depending on the traffic profile. With BT leased line bandwidth connection speeds available from 10MBits Ethernet through to 10Gbps within BTNet hosting sites, there's a little risk of congestion. Available managed (with router) or unmanaged.

BTNet offers a 1:1 performance guarantee, uncontended to ensure applications and data perform with a consistent level of speed and uptime. These features provide a competitive edge to your business. Not only this, 35% of UK broadband consumers use BT's Internet services with peering agreements which mean 75% of users connecting to the Internet are only a hop away.

Flexing of bandwidth is easy with BTNet: you're able to flex within 72 hours, so you only pay for what you need. With circuits typically based on 100MB Ethernet, you'll get plenty of bandwidth to avoid congestion.

BTNet is supported 24/7/365 with a 4 hour response time and 5 hour fix. The only exception if copper-based Ethernet First Mile - EFM - where the support fix time is 7 hours.

In the corporate environment, it is important to protect users and your web presence. BTNet leased line services offer security to prevent illegal downloading of content. BTNet also offers optional services which safeguard your web presence against attacks.

BGP Multihoming and Leased Lines

A further use of BTNet is within BGP multihomed designs. This is where BT and another ISP is used to provide diversity and resiliency. Customers purchase their own AS (Autonomous System) number and essentially become part of the Internet. We're going to be writing more about this subject in future articles.

BTNet Failover design

Above. BTNet Leased Line failover.


IP Addressing and DNS (Domain Registration System).

  • With BT leased line connectivity, BT automatically provides a set of IP addresses and manage your DNS. 
  • The DNS element covers where BT points your traffic for web, email and other hosts. 
  • For example, if you host your own web or email server, DNS resolves the hostname to the IP address - e.g. Wikipedia to an IP address.

BTNet Firewall Security, BT Asure DDoS, IP Addressing and DNS.

All public Internet services, BT or otherwise, require Firewall security to protect your userbase from external threats. In addition to general security, how your business intends to use the leased line from the perspective of applications must also be considered. If, for example, voice (VoIP) is to be used, the users traffic is typically segregated.

In the corporate environment, it is important to protect users and your web presence. BTNet leased line services offer security to prevent illegal downloading of content. BTNet also offers optional services which safeguard your web presence against attacks.

BT Cleanfeed is included within all BT leased line pricing - the Internet Watch Foundations managed blacklist to prevent users from downloading illegal content. Optionally, Cleanfeed may be turned off. BTnet also proactively monitor and protect the BT core network against denial of service attacks. There is also security accredited to BSI 7799 / ISO 17799 with optional distributed denial of service protection. Essentially, the service mitigates against traffic DDoS attacks, DoS floods, Protocol misuse, works and behaviour anomaly based attacks. If you're unsure about these terms, we'll explain over coffee.

DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) is an additional option available to BTNet clients. 

PDF attached - BT Assure DDoS

IP Addressing is available - both IPv4 and IPv6 - but all applications must be justified to RIPE. In other words, let us know as soon as possible the amount of hosts on your network requiring a static IP address.

With regards to DNS, BTnet’s email system is based on the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). SMTP allows the transmission of messages from one server to another.

BTNet has multiple mail servers and offers the customer (if they have their own mail server) an SMTP outgoing mail service and a 2nd preference incoming mail service. This is based on standard SMTP protocols.

The services supported by the Mail platform are:

  • Outgoing Mail (SMTP Relay) – customer can configure email server to send via the BTnet mail server
  • Incoming Mail (2nd preference Mx) - Provides a back-up mail service to the customer’s primary mail server. The customer would configure their DNS settings so that in the event their primary mail server is down their mail gets sent to the BTnet Incoming Mail servers. BT servers hold the mail for 3 days and will attempt to re-deliver this mail to the end customer’s primary mail servers when they become available. This is a backup mail service.
  • Access to the SMTP outgoing mail relay service is controlled by adding the Customer’s domain name to an access list. The customer must have a matching forward (A record) and Reverse DNS12 entry that should be provided at time of order.
  • The Incoming and outgoing mail relays both use the Spamhaus blacklist and will not relay or accept mail for IPs on this list. Customers managing their own mail servers must ensure they are NOT configured to allow open mail relay. Failure to enforce this could lead to BTnet blocking all customers mail as open relays are used for SPAM.

Discuss your requirements with a BTNet leased line Ethernet expert?

  • Our BT Partner agreement means we do not work in isolation.
  • We’ll involve a member of our BT support team.
  • As with most aspects of telecoms, Internet is often treated as a commodity purchase. At Network Union, we're an accredited BT partner allowing our clients to buy solutions directly from BT - we don't add fees or margins to use our workflows.


All contracts, billing and support are provided directly by BT Business.

How we technically account manage your BTNet account?

We’ve taken the time to become BT Leased Line pricing and product experts.

We work with both Global & UK Enterprise BT clients helping them to implement the right BT connectivity and maintain good practice throughout the contract. BTNet is covered by our WAN architecture diagnostic approach (WADA): Enterprise level consultancy built in at no extra cost.

Our workflows will allow you to design a solution which will meet requirements. Whether you're looking for a single leased line circuit or a dual approach with diversity and resilience, Network Union will perform the work to ensure you conclude with a fit for purpose design together with the best possible BT leased line costs.


What else is there to know?

  • Since your traffic is best served when sent over a single provider (rather than effectively hopping from provider to provider) the BT network has a significant advantage vs. most of the competition.
  • And perhaps this is the key critical area to be aware of since smaller providers may be offering Internet access out of a single data centre using wholesale providers such as Open Reach and Virgin to connect your business.

Some final thoughts on BTNet.

Providers range from the very small through to medium sized providers and then onto larger tier 1's such as BT. With the word 'premium' you might expect the line pricing to be significantly higher than the lower cost smaller providers. However, BT is typically never the lowest cost, but the pricing is not far out considering the scale and breadth of their leased line network.

A step away from broadband technology

One of the reasons dedicated BT leased lines have become competitive surrounds a couple of critical areas. The first is the limitations of broadband Internet speeds, in particular, upload. With some significant advances in fibre to the cabinet based services, the upload speed is still an issue for some organisations.

Also, broadband is a copper based service which does not pose the same attributes as an end to end fibre based leased circuit. With clients suffering issues with poor quality copper, variable speeds and a higher incidence of downtime, a BT leased line has become more compelling than ever.

The second surrounds applications which are deployed over corporate Internet circuits. These apps range from delay-sensitive voice and video conferencing, cloud computing through to extranet and remote users requiring Citrix or SAP access to the network on a global basis.

How much does a leased line cost?

If your budget is limited, the overall Ethernet 100MB leased line fibre pricing vs. FTTC broadband may well be an issue. We see pricing from £300 to around £1000 per month depending on the distance from BT's network. When you consider Business Broadband ranges from £20 to £50 per month, leased lines are a significant cost uplift depending on the size of your business.

Is the 100Mbps Ethernet BT leased line still the best option?

The pricing of 1Gbits Ethernet is becoming significantly lower due to the increasing demand for this level of bandwidth. We have witnessed the demise of the 10Mbits circuits as 100Mbits speeds are now the lowest entry level within the marketplace. Readers should note that tiered circuits are the standard - for example; you could opt for 100Mbits tiered at 10Mbits. When using our quotation service, let our team know your preferred option.


Outside of BT Leased Line, what other capabilities are offered?












BTNet Leased Line Costs quote tool

Above. The internal tool we use to request pricing.

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