BT Wholesale or Indirect Commissions

BT Reseller Programme
Access an iconic brand

The Network Union BT Reseller Program gives you the knowledge required to open up a brand new revenue stream for your business. BT assign your business with a unique Reseller ID. Benefit from up to 70% commission or buy Wholesale.

Partner with an iconic British brand. Sell the full BT Business & Wholesale portfolio including Broadband & Lines, BT Mobile, BT Cloud Voice, BTNet Leased Lines, Managed Services including MPLS, VPLS and SD-WAN.

BT Business work with approximately 20-30 Authorised Partners at any one time during each financial year. Partners are empowered to recruit BT Resellers to widen the channel reach across portfolio.

All businesses interested in selling BT are encouraged to follow the right application path depending on whether your organisation believes a full Partnership would be a good fit or whether you feel becoming an Authorised Reseller for BT is a more suitable option.

If you are interested in a full partnership, BT will require your business to have the expertise across telecoms products including Cloud, Data and Internet plus you will be evaluated based on turnover and market reach as targets will be set across the portfolio. The Authorised Reseller option is available for everyone else where becoming a full Partner is not a good fit - read on to learn more.

The Network Union BT Reseller Program offers the training you need across products, sales and compliance to fit your company objective. Access BT Wholesale or become a commission based agent with fast access to new revenues. Leverage a Premier Partner of BT to open a new revenue stream.

Let's talk (on your terms)

When you reach out to us to schedule a time to chat or learn more about becoming a Reseller for BT, you won’t be inundated with endless phone calls and emails from eager sales reps you’re not ready to talk to. Instead, you’ll talk to one of our team ready to educate and provide thoughts and ideas regarding your project.



How to become a BT Reseller?

1. Complete a basic application with details about your company.

2. Attend an initial first call to discuss working with BT Business and Wholesale, answering any questions you may have in the early stages.

3. If you decide we are a good fit, we arrange an on-boarding call to walk you through products, process, commissions (or margins for white label) and compliance.

4. We’ll introduce you to our BT resources including sales specialists.

5. Decide on a launch date!

6. Conduct ongoing support and training.

The above forms our process for recruiting BT Resellers.

BT Wholesale or BT Business Reseller?


More detail about our Reseller and Wholesale Program?

Whether your business is interested in up front agent commissions or white label, our offering includes your own unique reseller ID, with full training, order tracking, reporting and support.

Plus, you’ll gain the backing and resources from our BT channel team including Cloud Voice, Data and Partner specialists. Our team will support you as required from an initial conference call to face to face meetings and demonstrations.

You will gain a thorough understanding of the latest products from BT Wholesale and the Partner channel including:

  • BT Business Lines and Copper Services
  • BT Infinity Superfast Broadband - FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) and FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)
  • BT Cloud Voice and SIP
  • BTNet Ethernet Leased Lines
  • BT Ethernet Point to Point and Multipoint
  • BT Optical Connect
  • BT Mobile (based on the EE brand) including tablets and SIM only

We open up the complete portfolio including Wholesale for white label sale to your clients or our simpler option of 70% commission share for agents, there has never been a better time to open up a new revenue stream for your organisation.

When you begin your application, our team will discuss the options surrounding how to start selling the BT Business and Wholesale portfolio of products and services. In the first instance, we need to understand whether your organisation would be better suited to accessing BT Wholesale or whether or not becoming a commission based Reseller would be a preferred option.

Whether or not you follow the Wholesale route or embark on earning commissions, we operate a robust partner program to ensure you make the most of one of the United Kingdoms iconic brands.

We recognise that some Wholesale partners of Network Union are intent on owning the customer contract but would prefer to hand off the billing and support. With this in mind, we offer a tiered buying price reflecting the level of involvement you require from our resources. The complete portfolio of products is on offer including managed routers which are pre-configured by BT and shipped directly from their logistics facilities.

Of course, if your business needs to be involved in every aspect, we pass through low margin product access.

Outside of Wholesale, with our commission based program, BT take care of the entire end to end sale leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

The Network Union offer a comprehensive training and on-boarding program to get you started. With no fees or setup costs.

The best way to resell BT services?

As you may have discovered, there are a number of entry points into BT which may appear somewhat confusing. The most commonly known entry points are either BT Wholesale (BTW), BT Local Business (BTLB) or the BT Partner Program.

We offer access to BT Wholesale and the BT Reseller Program for a reason, applying requires a reasonably large turnover together with your own support and delivery staff. The actual BT Wholesale application process spans approximately three months as they conduct their due diligence.

There are an array of Wholesale channel operators available to you but they rarely specialise in any given telco preferring to obtain the lowest possible price. In other words, their sales are often based on a commodity approach.

At TNU, we 100% focus on BT both within our direct business but also Wholesale and their Partner Channel. We’re uniquely positioned to offer our partners access to both BT Wholesale for White Label and the Partner Channel with a tiered level of support across both options. With a robust on boarding and training process, we are position to set you up in the best possible position to create a new income stream. Our team are also available to attend face to face meetings and web conferences to help you successfully close business.

What about BTLB? BT Local Business owners are franchisees with access to the brand and product set. All billing and support services are provided by BT directly with the LB (Local Business) paid a commission depending on the product. The LB proposition may, at this point, appear attractive but readers should note that BT will require your business to demonstrate good cash flow (approx £100K or more balance, don't quote us on that) with your employees ready and able to support the business moving forward. Also, a firm strategy and route to market must be demonstrated. The LB is not owned, and the licence is returned to BT once the relationship ends.
The above two options may sound a little too onerous; joining Network Union.

BT also allow organisations to apply for Authorised status either as a full partner or reseller. The term reseller is a little misleading (in our opinion) since BT resellers do not contract with the end client or add fees or margins which are typically associated with a reseller business.

The program we are offering will allow you to become an Authorised Reseller of BT or access BT Wholesale.


About the available products?

Broadband / Fibre FTTC / FTTP

Wholesale (White Label)

ADSL2 Plus with 2GB, 50GB and unlimited options.
FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) 40Mbps/10Mbps and 80Mbps/20Mbps with 50GB usage or unlimited.
FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) 40Mbps/10Mbps, 80Mbps/20Mbps, 160Mbps/30Mbps and 330Mbps/50Mbps.
Managed routers include: Draytek 2762, Draytek 2862 and Zyxel VMG3925.

Agency (Reseller)

ADSL2 Plus BT Business Broadband with 50GB and unlimited options with Premium service options which include BT Device Protection, BT Sport, BT TechHeads IT Support.
BT Business Infinity 80Mbps/20Mbps with Premium service options which include BT Device Protection, BT Sport, BT TechHeads IT Support.
Low cost entry level BT Infinity Essentials with 50GB usage policy and no features.
All BT Business retail products are shipped with the latest BT Business hub.

Ancillary services such as Static IP.

SIP / Cloud Voice

Wholesale and Agency based product access for Cloud Voice (hosted) with SIP options. Note: SIP trunking is only available currently as a Wholesale product.

Ethernet Services

Wholesale and Reseller

Access Internet leased line services across 10Gbp/s, 1Gbp/s and 100Mbp/s service options.
Complete range of Optical, Short Haul and Virtual Leased Line (VLL) Point to Point / Multipoint circuits.

BT Mobile (based on the EE network)

BT Mobile is currently only available as a Reseller option. Receive 14% of the Sales Order Value across handsets and SIM only deals.

Are we the right telecoms partner for you?

The Network Union are known for our work with BT. We’ve won awards including BT Partner of the Year and the BT award for Innovation.

Unlike many channel offerings, we provide 100% focus on the BT brand for a number of reasons. The first revolves around governance. The majority of telecoms partnerships are based on a very basic legal framework and structure. With BT, the Partner and Wholesale program are very robust in terms of their legals and resources. In short, we get stuff done and are supported in the right way.

Secondly, the brand is extremely well recognised; BT is a logistical network giant with a global reputation. Selling to your customers with products based on BT infrastructure means they’re getting the value of their network infrastructure with your value added account management. 

If you decide the buy on a commodity basis, there are a multitude of different channel offerings to select. BT offers a mixture of Wholesale and Agency based commissions from one central channel offering, The Network Union.


Can I sell or upgrade existing BT customers?

Yes, most of the time.

Performing upgrades and adding incremental value to any BT customer is allowed and encouraged. If you know of an existing BT client where they are looking to resign their business, there is a good possibility that you’ll be able to upgrade and resign the contract into your BT relationship via The Network Union.

The easiest way is via the Reseller channel rather than Wholesale. With this said, there is no reason why you cannot add Wholesale products and services to an existing BT customer.

All services are eligible including Copper to Fibre, Ethernet bandwidth upgrades and Cloud Voice additions.

We provide full training on the portfolio.

The most successful BT Resellers and Wholesale Partners gain a thorough understanding of the business product set. BT is viewed as a premium product which means selling on price alone is not a wise strategy.

The entire portfolio is available but we strongly recommend you begin with some core products of interest and build your sales expertise over time.

Business Broadband, Business Lines and Business Mobile are all staple products within the portfolio.


Conclusion. Reseller vs. Partner.

  • A BT Authorised Reseller does not carry any targets, and there is no expectation in terms of achieving revenue other than a basic discussion on the numbers which are achievable.
  • The only disadvantage of becoming a subpartner is the commission share. This is why working with the right partner is important - the master partner should provide you with the expertise required to sell successfully. 

Final thoughts.

If you’re aligned with the right partner, you will not require the expertise to sell complex solutions such as MPLS or Cloud Voice since the master partner will provide the presales knowledge on your behalf.

This means their resource will be available to qualify opportunities, attend meetings and help close and architect any designs which are required. Selecting the right master partner is important - some BT Business Partners only possess expertise within certain areas of telecoms, for example, voice or broadband.

Our expertise revolves around the entire connectivity space. As an example, one organisation we work with is a commercial estate agent.

The BT subpartner setup works perfectly for them since BT would not take on an estate agency for full partnership because their core business capabilities do not align to the typical telecom reseller outline. Another subpartner we work with is actually within the cloud computing arena.

Their reason for becoming a subpartner is because they really don’t have the expertise within the connectivity side of telecoms but also because they did not want to take on a full BT target.

The BT master partner should be available to answer questions, provide you with training and, as mentioned previously, attend meetings and complete designs.

Although Network Union are known for our skill set and capabilities across MPLS and VPLS for Enterprise WAN customers, the last three years has seen the development of a two tier model with a push on both data services and Business broadband, PSTN lines and Call packages. Our partnerships offers:

  • Training on BT ordering systems and all products
  • Access to more complex services
  • Resources for face to face meetings on larger opportunities
  • Regular half day workshops to review performance and opportunities

Note: your customer will contract directly with BT but you will receive commissions for the sale. Although you get to own the client relationship, the risk of supporting, billing and delivering services is negated.

Lastly, if successful, you could be driving a van like this one. Complete an application to join the program now.

Example commissions are listed on this page if you require more detail.




About our Programme

How to become a BT Reseller, the video.