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The free IT Managers WAN Buyers Workshop

Rated as excellent by Permira, Royal British Legion, CDC, Russell Finex and others. The WAN buyers workshop is hosted for free at your office by Techtarget writer Robert Sturt.

Armed with a whiteboard and pen, Robert will talk you through the latest technologies including MPLS vs VPLS vs SD-WAN, Diversity, Application Peformance, SLA transparency, Project Management, Reporting and Statistics plus much more.

The session will also walk you through why networks normally consist of hybrid connectivity together with the risks, pitfalls and opportunities associated with buying Global and UK WAN services.

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SD-WAN Services

There is a huge amount of interest in SD-WAN services due to the hype surrounding aspects such as cost saving, agility and cloud computing.

However, the marketing from certain providers is often a fair way from the original concept of SDN (Software Defined Networking). Our workshop provides an introduction to SD-WAN as a service and the benefits/disadvantages specific to your business.

  • What is SD-WAN?
  • SD-WAN vs. MPLS
  • What you need to know about application traffic using public IP networks (the Internet)
  • The features of SD-WAN including QoS (Quality of Service) and Security
  • Why are cloud services forcing uptake of SD-WAN?
  • Why is Hybrid with SD-WAN typically the better architecture?
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What subjects are covered?

The sessions are created with input from you and / or your team but our most popular subjects are"

  • Application performance and QoS (Quality of Service)
  • Technology, MPLS vs. VPLS vs. SD-WAN
  • Statistics and reporting
  • Project Management
  • Change request process
  • Integrating delay sensitive traffic
  • Circuit Diversity and Resiliency
  • Using 3G and 4G Fast Start services
  • Provider migration
  • How to evaluate providers
  • RFP creation
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The Art of WAN Procurement Podcast

New for 2017, due for release in August. Our audio podcast will cover and debate a different subject each episode.

The content is created based on questions we have been asked over the last decade together with more recent challenges faced by our prospects and customers.

  • Our first episode asks Why SD-WAN?

By registering for interest in the WAN buyers workshop, we'll keep you updated - you'll be notified when the first episode goes live.

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