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The All-in-one Buyers Pack

We have wrapped all of our latest resources into one easy package. These resources are designed specifically to help IT Managers with WAN connectivity procurement.

(If you prefer, you can select the individual resources you require.)

Robert Sturt on creating
The WAN Providers Pack

The field of WAN procurement has changed fundamentally over the last few years. Technology such as SD-WAN is fast becoming one of the most discussed technologies in the industry today. WAN technology is one element of the fast changing market place but there are some serious concerns about security and how the cloud is impacting business strategy. The news of security attacks is now mainstream and has become a topic of discussion outside of IT. The attacks are becoming more sophisticated and targeted resulting in downtime and PR disasters.

My experience suggests IT Managers and IT Directors are challenged in their day jobs due to time constraints and the demands of dealing with realtime issues. With this in mind, our WAN buyers pack was created to distill our experience into value based content to upskill and assist teams when buying WAN services.

The WAN Procurement Mindmap

Our Mindmap has been referred to as a ‘career changing companion’ by one of our readers. While some may believe this statement is one step too far, we’ve tried hard to create something special. The intent was to identify every key buying area, the risks, the opportunities and pitfalls into one at a glance document. Over 10 years of experience distilled identified and documented.

WAN RFP template for MPLS, VPLS and SD-WAN

Our RFP template has been used by numerous organisations to form the basis of their initial discussions. Over and above the RFP content, we have also included our WAN requirements document in order to provide a simpler alternative to the full RFP process.

The WAN Providers buyers Workshop

Our workshop is currently rated as excellent. The content is based on our WAN procurement Mindmap as the data used for our session agenda. Armed for a whiteboard and pen, we'll walk you through design scenarios, technology (e.g. SD-WAN, MPLS vs VPLS, application performance) together with the pitfalls, risks and opportunities surrounding the WAN procurement process.

Our podcast and The Art of WAN Procurement e-Book

Pre-register for our brand-new 2017 resources, the Wide Open Space podcast and The Art of WAN procurement e-Book.

The podcast is essentially the audio version of our blog and longform content. We hope the podcast will become interactive as we’ll open the show up to reader questions.

Our e-Book is something we’re working hard in in 2017. The intent is to create an experience where real world examples are described together with vastly expanded topic areas included within our Mindmap. The e-Book is looking good and will hopefully be ready by the end of 2017. If you’re interested in early access, let us know and we’ll share the beta version.

Rated as excellent by Royal British Legion, Permira, CDC and others.

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If you would like to learn more about anything we do, speak to us on Livechat.
Robert Sturt
Mindmap Creator
What’s included?

The step-by-step WAN procurement Mindmap

An award winning guide displayed as a single document. We have distilled everything we know about buying WAN services into one stunning document. Best viewed on a tablet, zoom in on all of the key areas IT must consider when procuring MPLS, VPLS, SD-WAN and Internet VPN.

The Art of WAN Procurement Workshop

A free 2 hour session held at your office. A live version of our step-by-step Mindmap, writer Robert Sturt will discuss the latest technologies, risks, pitfalls and opportunities. Subjects include SD-WAN, application performance, diversity, statistics, reporting and more.

Now also available as an online webinar.

The Art of WAN Procurement Podcast

Our audio podcast covering a different subject each episode. The content is created based on questions we haveve been asked over the last decade together with more recent challenges faced by our prospects and customers.

Our first episode is due to go live. We'll send you details upon release in July 2017.

Pre-order The Art of WAN Procurement eBook

Pre-register for our free IT Managers eBook, learn everything you need to know about buying your next UK or Global WAN.

The eBook covers the key buying areas in-depth from creating a list of providers through to application performance, cloud and security. The position of IT Manager or Director is more challenging than ever, this guide is designed to be a career companion. Everything we know in a great eBook. Available in Kindle, iBooks and PDF format.

We'll include our RFP and WAN requirements document, ready to edit.

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