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Is your business creating a list of the top/best WAN providers?

The Wide Open Space project is a new free initiative designed as a living framework represented using Mind-mapping software. We’ve developed this unique content as an open source guide which builds on real world knowledge across the key WAN procurement data points IT teams need to consider when evaluating, procuring or generally researching WAN capability. The value is based on inputting new findings, knowledge, tips and recommendations into a single searchable document on a monthly basis. The Mindmap is living because the data sets grow offering the latest thinking and perspectives on all things WAN procurement.

Wide Open Space

Free Webinar

There is a huge amount of interest in SD-WAN services due to the hype surrounding aspects such as cost saving, agility and cloud computing.

However, the marketing is often a fair way from the original concept of SDN (Software Defined Networking). Our free weekly webinar offers an introduction to SD-WAN as a service and the benefits/disadvantages specific to your business.


Free Workshop

Never stop learning. Our free workshops are hosted by Robert Sturt.

Within a 2 hour session at your office or a local BT or Cisco premises, Robert will walk you through the very latest thinking behind the risks, pitfalls and opportunities presented by SD WAN technology. A great no cost option to upskill you and/or your team.



Our audio podcast covering a different subject each episode. The content is created based on questions we haveve been asked over the last decade together with more recent challenges faced by our prospects and customers.

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