Looking to resell BT Infinity?

Looking to resell BT Infinity for Business? We'll show you an easy way.

* Note: Business sales only, no residential.

The Network Union are an Authorised award-winning BT Partner. Our reseller program allows organisations access to the complete BT product set with 70% commissions.

Here at Network Union, our reseller partner program is designed to provide a process which allows your business to unlock the complete BT portfolio including Infinity for Business.

Enquire about the becoming a BT Reseller

With each relationship, we'll provide training on ordering systems, products and recommended advice for success. Led by our team, our onboarding process, hands on training and strategy meetings will maximise your earnings.


Above: The BT Reseller brand logo.

The Infinity fibre product provides an opportunity for both new sales but also upgrades of existing BT clients. 

Your options and how it works

BT are currently in partnership with approximately thirty organisations across the UK. To become a full partner, each applicant must position themselves to sell across the BT portfolio from lines and broadband circuits through to data services. Also, sales targets are assigned which requires focus to achieve during the BT financial year.

BT appreciate that a full partnership is not for everyone. With this in mind, the Reseller Program is a lite version of a full contractual arrangement where your organisation will contract with an existing full partner but avoid the associated targets and commitment. Any prospective reseller will benefit from access to the Authorised Reseller logo and resources including sales specialist, product specialist and desk based account manager all managed and fronted by partners such as TNU.

The Infinity fibre capability and standard services

The current line of products includes the following features:

  • Standard (end to end copper)
  • Broadband, Unlimited Broadband and Premium Broadband up to 17Mbit/s down (Premium includes Office 365 and PC Support)
  • Infinity up to 38Mbp/s down and 9.5Mbp/s up with 50GB usage and unlimited usage with Office 365 and PC Support options
  • Infinity Premium with up to 76Mbit/s down and 19Mbit/s up with Office 365 and PC Support

All products include:

  • BT Business Hub (stronger wireless vs home hub with Wifi guest access)
  • Access to 5 million BT Wifi hotspots
  • 24/7 Support
  • Email and Web space
  • Upgrades available at any time
  • Free access to 4 BT Sport Channels
  • Static IP address where required

Business Broadband Upgrades

In addition to new sales of Infinity, BT will also allow you to upgrade their existing copper customers to fibre based connectivity. The only stipulation is that the client must be willing to sign a new 12 or 24-month contract. The ability to upgrade clients provides a good solid revenue stream in addition to new business sales. Readers should note that the expected level of business will include both new sales in addition to upgrades.

The process

Processing an order is completed via the use of two systems, VARS and ICON. The ICON system must be employed where orders also require a Business PSTN line. Any requests which are associated with Broadband products only may use the VARS system which is agile enough to process orders while the client is on the phone. Once the order is completed on VARS, your client will receive an activation date, and the order workflows will begin. All resellers will be assigned a particular individual code (ORCA) allowing you to track orders and commission payments.


Applicants will receive a complete commission spreadsheet of all products. The payments are made once the service is installed and BT raise an initial invoice. We typically see commission in or around three months from order placement.

Next steps

We’ll need to discuss your plans and existing business. After an initial call has taken place, contracts will be drawn up to provide access to brand and systems.

Further information:

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