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We've created a living step-by-step WAN procurement Mindmap. A growing document. As we learn, the Mindmap expands helping IT teams to procure all forms of connectivity. Every key buying area, the pitfalls risks and opportunities distilled into a stunning document.

How much will your next WAN cost?

Our team has worked on connectivity to serve small UK Internet VPNs through to Global MPLS connectivity with data centre’s interconnected via 10Gbps layer 2 Ethernet services. What we know is that, over and above pricing, there are multiple elements to consider.

How much does MPLS cost?

We discuss the elements of creating an MPLS proposal with the areas to consider when obtaining pricing. Within the article areas such as Global vs. UK deployment with strategy and budget are considered.

Selecting an SD-WAN provider.

There is significant buzz around SD-WAN technology right now but, as ever, your specific requirements are important to understand. We'll provide some thoughts on ideas surrouding what to consider when selecting an SD-WAN provider.

Selecting your UK and Global MPLS Providers.

Most IT Managers are able to think of the usual MPLS providers. But what about the lesser known providers? We discuss the key areas surrounding MPLS service provider select, what to consider and how to build a comparison.

Select your next WAN provider?

We consider the areas to focus on when selecting general WAN services from MPLS through to Internet VPN. Is there a list of the top / best managed WAN service & solution providers and how to determine whether they are a good fit vs. your business?

Managed IP VPN WAN.

Strategy, from the perspective of WAN procurement, requires an understanding of your business regarding growth, projects and time challenges. Our intent is to ask the questions to articulate clearly the challenges your organisation may face which may directly be improved by WAN connectivity.

How to become a BT Reseller?

Businesses are in search of partnerships to specifically grow new revenue streams, add value to their base and provide an additional competitive edge. Becoming a BT Reseller offers significant brand and product leverage.

The Ultimate MPLS providers article

A longform overview of MPLS and associated procurement challenges. We also include our RFP template with step-by-step guide.


The procurement of managed MPLS VPN services (Multi Protocol Label Switching) or VPLS (Virtual Private Network) products is challenging with the increased complexities of globalisation, cloud computing, remote applications, extranet partners and so on.

MPLS WAN Procurement.

The business and technical elements associated with MPLS, VPLS and SD-WAN procurement are equally as important - from presales, account management to PM (Project Management) resources and support. 

How to compare MPLS providers?

We have a more exhaustive list of notes which has been devopled over the last 5 years of the global and UK providers we have personally used to complement our work with BT.

Setting Managed WAN budgets?

The majority of managed services provider are reluctant to offer pricing without completing an end to end design. But, what if your business needs to set budgets? 


With our recent article on BT Cloud Voice in mind, many readers have been asking questions surrounding what to consider when moving ISDN circuits over to the world of IP, specifically SIP. 

How to Resell BT Infinity?

The Infinity fibre product provides an opportunity for both new sales but also upgrades of existing BT clients. In this article, we discuss the options for reselling Infinity.

Managed MPLS services.

Managed MPLS services IT Managers & Directors need to operate within business constraints which include budgets, limited employee resources and tight timeframes.

Comparing leased line providers?

Ethernet Internet services are a critical component of your business due to the prolific growth of cloud-based technology services including Office 365, voice, video, collaboration, storage and CRM.

Pros and Cons of SD-WAN

Our article discussing the Pros and Cons of SD-WAN services. There are mixed messages surrounding software WAN services but the capability to transform the WAN is exciting for the Enteprise.

Access to Wholesale

We discuss the options across access to BT Wholesale. The typical application process takes a little time and there is plenty to consider.

Become an ISP

We discuss how to become an ISP via BT Wholesale and the BT Business Partner sales channel. Today, the options are much simpler vs even a few years ago.

BT Wholesale Carrier Ethernet

An article on how to buy BT Wholesale Carrier Ethernet products and services.

How to decide between SD WAN solutions?

We take a look at the various options which make up current SD WAN solutions.

What is SD WAN and SDN?

A great introduction to what is SD WAN and SDN technology? Some great thoughts and insights.

Global SD WAN Providers

An article for UK IT Managers looking to procure Global SD WAN. Our 2019 thoughts and ideas to help your business begin an international connectivity project.