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The Network Union Partner Programme


How to I apply to join the BT Reseller Programme?

In order to apply to join The Network Union we need to understand a little about your business. 

We'll tell you about us, you can do the same and then we can work out whether it is worth talking further.

BT is a Premium brand. With this in mind, pricing is positioned at the higher end of the market. In order to successfully sell products, features and benefits must be understood. In the absence of value, all we have left is the price.

If you would like to discuss applying, take a look at our reseller page for more information.


Why join our BT Reseller Programme?

Using hard-won experience, our team has built a repeatable process that includes product and compliance training, thorough onboarding with comprehensive reporting and commission tracking.

Simplifying and defining our own business processes was the catalyst to designing what we believe to be the most comprehensive BT Reseller Programme available across all partners.



Is my company a good fit?

In our experience, there are three areas which define a recipe for success.

The first is product knowledge. In order to successfully sell BT Business and BT Mobile, understanding the value of each product is a necessity. 

The second is compliance. BT are very protective over their brand and require Partners and Resellers to abide by strict guidelines. Failure to meet these guidelines will result in potential removal of your relationship with BT.

Lastly, market reach. Perhaps you're an IT company with your own customer base. Or, maybe you're a Telemarketer cold calling prospects. Whatever the case, it is critical to ensure your business is armed with the best possible chance of reaching customers. In particular, Telemarketers must consider if their data supplier is also supplying data which is being over-used in the marketplace.



How can I learn more?

We offer a web conference where our business development manager will walk you through the products and commissions.

The sessions are interactive and allow you and your colleagues to view live commission data and examples.

We'll also talk about process and success stories, what it takes to become a successful Reseller for BT.