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Why you should buy UK & Global BT MPLS from the channel?

There are some great reasons to consider buying BT MPLS from the Indirect channel. If you receive the same direct contract, the same billing and support, what are the advantages?

Depending on the BT account team your business is allocated, you’ll discover that the BT IP Connect Global product is not the only choice for medium to large Enterprise businesses procuring BT international managed MPLS connectivity.

Straight out of BT’s Belfast NOC, there is an alternative in the form of BT Managed WAN. The difference surrounds the available managed service elements offered alongside the core BT MPLS IP backbone. In short, the solutions are not only more feature rich but the resources assigned are vastly improved from a process and in-life contract perspective.

Overall, if the comparison of IP Connect vs. Managed WAN offers such significant benefits, why would your business choose anything else?

The BT Managed WAN solution has evolved to offer Global MPLS that includes four pillars of service:
  • Design Services - Service Architects, Enterprise Architects, Technical Design Authority.
  • Delivery - Project Co-ordinators, Project Managers, Programme Managers.
  • In Life - 1st to 3rd line support, process team, tools team and security.
  • Service Management - desk based management and senior service managers.

Global MPLS is available as layer 2 VPLS or layer 3 MPLS supported by 100Mbps, 1Gbps and 10Gbps Ethernet connectivity including support for QoS (Quality of Service). In order to keep costs down, bandwidth tiers are accessible in increments of 1Mbps.

By operating across all facets of managed services, the latest BT product supports the following capability.




Reporting and statistics

Statistics and reporting is an evolving area of WAN procurement with new advances occurring on a regular basis. The very latest stats are based on application level reporting allowing IT teams to consider the end to end flow of data. In addition, exceptions are configured to identify where traffic performance is degraded rather than a hard outage.
In general, Managed WAN provides the functionality to analyse IP traffic as it enters and exits the router interface. By analysing the data, certain components will be identified to determine where the issue may reside, e.g. congestion.

Where your requirements revolve around managed WAN services, the latest Belfast offering represents significant improvement to the Enterprise business.

Security services via managed Checkpoint Firewalls are standard with intrusion protection are available together with consultancy across all aspects of networking.

IP Connect Global MPLS vs BT Managed WAN?

The IP Connect product is sold to all business sizes from three site networks to several hundred.

Today, the world of telecoms is changing meaning the demand for a more comprehensive feature rich service offering is the norm. The question is, how has BT responded? While IP connect fundamentally delivers on global connectivity for international unmanaged networks, managed services customers should also consider Global BT Managed WAN.

To excel as an IT Executive, your business needs to be sure the WAN operates as a platform which enables cloud and user productivity on a global basis with secure access across 3G, 4G, Broadband, EFM, Internet and so forth. The legacy Managed IP Connect Global product is trusted by thousands of clients with UK headquartered businesses.

BT Global MPLS Network Diagram

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