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What is the connection cost of a BT leased line?

The BT standard leased line installation cost is £0 subject to survey but excess charges are often a risk.

While BT does not currently charge for installation, excess charges are not established until a site survey has been completed - at this stage, customers have the option to cancel at no penalty. Robert Sturt discusses the major factors which result in excess costs.

The only way to understand whether or not capacity exists is to conduct a service provider site survey which may be completed via desktop (i.e. based on existing provider data) or via a physical visit upon placing an order. The availability of entry level BT 100Mbps Ethernet is generally very good with higher bandwidth 1Gbps services sometimes requiring additional fibres to be provisioned. Over and above 1Gbps connections, interest is growing in 10Gbps Ethernet leased line services. Outside of the city, distance from the BT PoP becomes a consideration as install costs will rise as your potential tail circuit distance increases.

Local loop circuits are often routed via unknown paths meaning the actual route miles are difficult to calculate. With this said, the BT tools we use provide the calculation for us in kilometres which results in firm pricing. The longer your tail circuit, the higher the cost.

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In order to achieve no single point of failure, the secondary access must avoid any points of commonality where possible (subject to survey). The creation of an alternative route will require an additional budget.

Note that some IT teams believe that using a second ISP (Internet Service Provider) will provide diversity. The opposite is often true as both ISP circuits will no doubt follow the same path through to their corresponding POP locations.

Ground works - required to take the nearest fibre splicing point to your building. Depending on your infrastructure, Open Reach may need to dig to your office causing various levels of disruption and cost. Currently Open Reach cover the first £2800 of any excess construction costs.

Wayleave - where your property is governed by a landlord, wayleave is often required to legally provide the green light for any planned works. Without the correct approval, wayleave often adds to the lead time. 

Further information and FAQ.

Can I cancel my BT leased line order if excess charges are too high?

Yes. If, at site survey stage, costs are too high for excess construction, your order may be cancelled. However, if the order is allowed to progress, there may be penalties to pay.

What is the product name for high availability diversity?

RA02 or Secure Plus. Diversity is available for all EAD (Ethernet Access Delivery).

Can I load balance over diverse BTNet circuits?

Yes, load balancing is available across diverse BTNet circuits.

What about the cost of dual Cisco routers?

Dual routers running Cisco HSRP increase the ongoing monthly cost but do not impact the installation cost.

BTNet Leased Line costs.

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