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Is your business about to buy a Global WAN solution?

Rising up to the challenge of understanding the latest Global WAN solutions, associated security and Cloud services is a daunting task.

Software-based WAN services, MPLS, VPLS, Metro Ethernet, Virtual leased lines and Internet VPN forms the basis of hybrid WAN connectivity. Layer on security and cloud access, IT Managers must carefully consider architecture and service provider partnerships; this is abundantly clear. Download our step-by-step WAN procurement tutorial.

There are multiple core areas to consider if your business is to ensure applications perform and maintain a level of user and company-wide security. On a global basis, covering all solution areas is a formidable task. WAN Solutions Headache
WAN Solutions SD WAN App Performance
WAN Solutions Diversity

The free workshop at your office.

Techtarget writer Robert Sturt will visit your office for a 2 hour session on 'everything WAN procurement'.

The workshop will cover aspects such as MPLS vs VPLS vs SD WAN, resiliency and diversity, application pefromance and the ultimate step-by-step IT Managers process checklist.

The sessions are totally free and without commitment.

If you would like to learn more about Robert Sturt, visit his Techtarget.com page.

Workshops have been attended by Permira, Royal British Legion, CDC Global and more.

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