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How to join the BT Mobile Phone Reseller Program?

If you are researching becoming a mobile phone reseller, BT Mobile may represent an easy route to market via an iconic brand.

As you may be aware, BT purchased EE (Everything Everywhere) resulting in an enviable portfolio from Business phone lines, Broadband and Ethernet leased lines through to Global data networks and now mobile.




Unlike becoming an EE distributor, which requires a significant commitment, BT Mobile (which is also based on the EE network as you would expect) is a great way to unlock new/additional revenues. As of writing this article (2019), our BT Mobile commissions are currently 16% of total contract value calculated on the duration of contract. Available handsets include the latest iPhone or Android hardware and a resurgence of selected Blackberry phones.

Apple iPhone via BT Mobile

Where SIM only is a requirement, BT Mobile offers 12, 24 or 36-month contract terms with 24.5% commission payable based on the value of your sale. Feedback from our current BT Mobile Resellers suggests the upfront commission, ease of sale and competitive pricing is resulting in excellent revenue streams.

Note, BT Mobile is only available to Business users. In order to make sales, your end customer must be a business. A business covers sole trader, a partnership or limited company.

Should I become a BT Mobile Reseller or EE Distributor?

The answer is dependent on whether your business is positioned to purchase any phone hardware up front and/or requires a direct contractual relationship with the end customer. Any wholesale agreement (distributor) will require billing and support as an additional overhead.

We often hear from distributors that the purchase of hardware together with drip through margins means cash flow is sometimes an issue.

If the above is a step too far, the BT Mobile Reseller Program is simplified, effective, well supported and a great way to build fast revenue.

How to join the BT Mobile Reseller Program?

If at this stage, you have made the decision to apply, there are three routes available.

1. Contact EE Business directly and apply for a distribution contract. Although, as a business, we are not familiar with the EE application process, we understand certain volumes must be met meaning a high capital outlay.

2. Apply to BT for your own partnership agreement. In order to qualify, you’ll need to sell more than just mobile. BT will need you to demonstrate a solid route to market across all products including Broadband and Data (BTNet/Ethernet WAN services). As with the direct EE route, targets will be set on an annual basis across the product set.

3. Join The Network Union BT Mobile Reseller Program. The final, and most stress-free option is to join our BT Reseller Program. The setup is fully approved by BT and even includes your own unique Reseller ID generated by BT. As one of our Resellers, you will receive full support, onboarding and training. The rest of this article is discussed from the perspective of option 3. If you would like to ask questions or require advice on option 1 or 2, please get in contact.

As a Mobile Reseller of Network Union, we provide you with a dedicated contact to help with initial training and sales support. Where deals are larger, we also provide access to our BT Mobile Sales Specialist to attend conference calls and even face to face meetings. The larger deals are mostly bespoke as discounts become available based on spend.

How do you process a BT Mobile order for your client?

In the first instance, our BT Sales Specialist will provide you with a comprehensive Excel spreadsheet which contains the latest product detail as follows:

  • 3G/4G data usage from 1GB through 64GB
  • Handset types including Apple iPhone, Android and Blackberry
  • The upfront cost of each device, SIM only and Apple iPad / Android tablets

Once the product, 4G data plan and upfront cost are decided, Network Union provide an easy to use portal to place your orders. With any mobile phone, SIM only or tablet order, you will be required to ID check your customer using Equifax. If successful, an EIV check reference is provided. Any orders received will be assigned to your unique BT Reseller ID for commission and reporting.

Your account manager will provide you with a daily or weekly report which details the status of your mobile orders and any required actions. Once the customer receives their order, a commission flag is triggered resulting in a payment to your business at the end of the current month or next month depending on when the payment is authorised. In some instances, the order will enter discrepancy meaning further information is required to complete the order.

As of writing this article, the BT process is sometimes a little protracted with average sales taking between 2 and 5 days to complete (I.e. the customer to receive their order).


The BT Mobile Phone, SIM, or tablet Reseller Program is a great way to unlock revenues and serve your customers with the latest mobile tech. The majority of sales made under the program do not encounter issues or problems. However, in some cases, depending on credit status, BT will require the customer to contact BT credit referrals in order to make an additional payment, typically around the £50 mark.

Aside from Mobile, the complete portfolio is also available meaning typical customer attachment is high when selling BT Business. As an example, fibre Broadband customers are entitled to £5 discount on any mobile tariff. The current deals and offers across BT Mobile are competitive with the market, adding £5 discount the deals become highly cost effective.

Apple iPad via BT Mobile

Although BT owns EE, the BT Mobile brand and EE Business operate as separate entities. With this in mind, readers should note that currently, you cannot migrate an EE customer to BT without a PUK code.

Lastly, and as mentioned earlier, if your client base requires their hardware next day, BT may not be a suitable reseller program due to process. With the acquisition of EE, we envisage the process becoming more efficient as time moves forward.

Ready to make an application?

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With 70% commission share and dedicated Network Union account management. Become an EE Reseller via BT Mobile.

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