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Why buy BT Managed WAN from Partner Sales?

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The Network Union currently assist UK and Global companies to buy and account manage BT Managed WAN services as an Authorised Premier Partner. Why should you buy from Partner sales rather than a direct BT account manager?

We’re consistently asked, why buy BT Managed WAN services from Partners if the service is essentially direct? To be specific, all customers buying from the BT Partner Channel are essentially buying directly from BT (the UK and Global Services) from Learn about the latest WAN products via our workshop.a contractual, billing and support perspective. So where is the difference?

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In this article, we’ll explain how buying directly from BT via Indirect Sales (the Partner Channel) offers some unique benefits. We’ll also cover the history of the BT WAN product capability to ensure you know what to buy whether you go via Partner Sales or directly via an account manager. The high level choice is to decide whether your business would be better suited to a BT account manager or a boutique highly focussed member of Network Union Partner Sales. Hint * The BT Sales team may put you into a product track which is not ideally aligned. Oh, any we may be slightly biased. BT Managed WAN




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