We provide UK businesses with free data analytics across SD WAN, MPLS, VPLS, UCAAS and Data Centre Providers & Vendors accessible via a simple front end.

Conduct extensive feature comparison, create provider & vendor reports for your peers and request pricing. All without engaging any sales teams.

The Network Union UK & US data analytics allow your business to conduct free SD WAN comparison in minutes. We help save a huge amount of time evaluating providers and vendors, simply book a demonstration or request an interactive PDF link to submit requirements into the tool. Create a unique comparison report and easily set budgets without the need to engage in a lengthy sales process.

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Book a demo or request an interactive PDF link

When you reach out to us to schedule a time to chat or learn more about WAN provider and vendor selection, you won’t be inundated with endless phone calls and emails from eager sales reps you’re not ready to talk to. Instead, you’ll talk to one of our team ready to educate and provide thoughts and ideas regarding your project. Complete the form below.




What is your desired SD WAN network?

We begin the evaluation process by inputting your desired high level SD WAN requirements. Using checkboxes, our technical presales team select which features are initially important.

Without listing all of the available options, the most popular selections are to achieve cost savings, application path selection, public cloud application access, network and security consolidation and network contract expiration.


Which applications do you require across SD WAN?

One the initial valuation process is complete, we input application requirements. While it may initially appear an unessary point since you may be wondering whether all providers support EVERY application, certain providers and vendors provide more robust feature sets vs specific applications.

With the above in mind, we select from both view points of data center and cloud including IP Voice, ERP, Video, CRM, specific Cloud services and productivity applications.

There are certain SD WAN capabilities which are suited to specific Cloud services including AWS, Azure, Google, Office 365 and Salesforce.


What features are required from SD WAN technology?

While the majority of providers and vendors talk about cost savings as one of the primary drivers, careful consideration must be given to specific feature requirements.

We look to consider the consolidation feature set including routing, security (Firewall), WAN optimisation and caching. As we look further into your routing requirements, we ask whether BGP, OSPF or other protocols must be supported.

In many cases, certain features are often already supported by hardware which is in contract and therefore the equivalent SD WAN feature set is not initially required.


Do you require any SD WAN Managed Services?

While certain SD WAN vendors are essentially designed as a self managed service, we have the ability to only look at providers that are positioned to offer full or part MSP support.

In some instances, your business may require initial professional services to configure hardware and fine tune the SD WAN capability. In other cases, ongoing managed services are require to help with change requests and performance reviews.

In all instances, we can help you narrow down the SD WAN capability which is fit for purpose vs your specific requirements.

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