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We’ll get you a great deal taking care of everything.

1. Enter your postcode and telephone number, your comparison request is passed to our team. Your data is never shared.

2. We search the market across all of our carefully selected providers ensuring we have the latest leased line costs.

3. A report is produced on each provider together with costs and service level agreement.

4. Confirm your order with us and we'll do the rest including technical account management throughout your new contract.

Why use The Network Union?

We are a free, independent price comparison service that helps businesses compare leased line services to save money but equally to ensure service levels meet your business requirements. 


The Network Union Buyers Group, about us?

The Network Union is an Enterprise business telecoms purchasing group in the UK, with a buying power leveraged by strategic large telco relationships.

Our business model is simple and yet our approach is based on technical knowledge of the telecom industry highlighted by our writing for publications such as We are recognised as UK and Global WAN procurement experts.

Engaging us to work on your project is free and without commitment. Clients include Royal British Legion, Permira Global, CDC Global, Russell Finex, Medivet and more.

We have strategic partnerships with multiple carriers. 

Our business operates in two unique ways.

[1] Via Partner Channel agreements - we do not own the contract, your business will contract directly with the provider end to end including support and billing. This outcome works well for companies looking for a direct relationship with managed services requirements. Simply put, we are paid a commission when customers place orders via strategic buying group partnerships. Our relationships with providers helps us make becoming a new customer or upgrading existing connectivity as simple as possible and, in some cases, the Partner channel has exclusive deals that are not available directly from the provider.

[2] Via Wholesale agreements - customers looking for simple bandwidth such as SHDS, VLL, Optical Connect and hosting are able to leverage lower price points. We only apply 12% to wholesale pricing resulting in exceptional commercials. It is very rare for a business to be so transparent about profitability. 

Our channel relationships often offer other benefits including uplifted support and escalation. To date, we are a Premier Partner of BT (the highest possible status), Platinum Partner of Masergy Global and have created partnership agreements with Interoute, Exponential-E and Fluidata. 

TNU is staffed by specialists with a comprehensive knowledge of their product area, enabling us to not only secure savings across a broad portfolio of products and services but offer an unparalleled level of service and administrative support.

We’re completely transparent about our channel buying group discounts. In some instances, discounts may be higher when comparing each of our partners. In this interest of transparency, we publish these figures directly to you under NDA.
How it works?

How do we search?

Armed with your address, we’ll submit pricing and deal requests across multiple partnerships with large telcos and lesser known leased line service providers.

Network Union offer both indirect leased line pricing where your contract, support and billing is provided directly by the provider or access to our wholesale products.

In certain instances, our client base mandate direct contractual relationships with the provider, this is known as Indirect sales. Where this occurs, we’re paid a commission by our partner for introducing the sale.

Buying on just price?

Shockingly, most companies do in fact select the lowest cost provider. At Network Union, we align requirements to budget. If your primary interest is simply based around cost then our job is simple. However, we recommend considering application performance, reach, diversity and the overall Service Level Agreement.

With our knowledge of telecoms, we are able to align your specific business requirements with the best in class design and product.

More than this, we’ll help you integrate cloud and security into every solution.

How much is a leased line?

We see pricing anywhere from £200 per month through to £1000 depending in distance to the local exchange and providers network.

Where leased lines are not an option, other services exist such as EFM (Ethernet First Mile) and GEA (Generic Ethernet Access).

Further to your connectivity, you’ll need to consider switching, security and Wifi access to serve your office or wider campus.

About our team

Our team have been involved in telecoms for well over a decade. Our innovation was recognised by British Telecom when we were awarded the BT Business Award for Innovation based on our content for IT Managers.

We write for as recognised connectivity experts.

To learn more about how we work, click the About link or use the live chat to ask us a question now.

Some of our awards

BT Premier Partner

BT Partner of the Year 16/17

BT Award for Innovation

Best New Partner


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