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10Gbps Ethernet Services

BT Business & BT Wholesale 100Mbps, 1Gbps and 10Gbps Leased Line Quotation.

On this page, you'll be able to request your BTNet leased line quotation. If you require additional features or you have specific questions regarding the service or how we work, please let us know.

Options include: Cisco Meraki security, Cisco standard edge router or Wires only.

All pricing is provided directly by our resources at BT Business. There are no hidden fees or margins for our approach. All contracts, billing and support are provided by BT.

10Gbps BTNet Leased Line

Further details on buying via BT Business Partners

The channel is essentially a different area of BT Business, an alternative to buying via the usual direct route. 

We believe our benefits are significant. As a Premier Partner, we offer an uplifted level of support if escalation is required. Our account managers are technical - we are experts across the BT product set including Cloud Voice, Ethernet, BT Mobile and Ethernet leased line services. 

When buying BT services from Network Union, your business will receive a direct BT contract, support and billing.

For more information, call us on 0333 202 1011

What you need to know?

What to expect?

Armed with your postcode and telephone number, our team will submit your request directly into our BT channel team. We'll also request the very latest offers and any available discounts on your behalf. 

If your business progresses to order stage, our dedicated BT resources will collect presales detail (IP addressing, termination point) and process the order. Our current first your annual rental discount offer will be applied directly to your BT invoices. 

Our Account Management

As a Premier Partner of BT, we are provided with dedicated resources including Sales Specialist, Desk Based Account Manager and an escalation team for when things, occasionally, go wrong.

On an ongoing basis, Network Union will perform the role of technical Account Managers for your business. We are experts in every aspect of BT connectivity.

Have you listened to our podcast?

Our BT Partner Podcast. Where we discuss products, services and technologies from the perspective of IT Management. We use real world examples and outline the risks, pitfalls and opportunities.

Plus we answer questions from our listeners. The first episode has been recorded and will be released in July 2018.

More about us?

The Network Union is one of a select few Premier Partners of BT. Recognised for our work across the Global and UK connectivity space. We provide technical account management to customer preferring a more boutique focussed approach. Currently BT Partner of the Year for Fixed services, 2017/16.

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