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Our team are all technical with serious knowledge of the latest BT MPLS connectivity products. And you contract directly with BT.

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Global and UK BT IP Clear Pricing

Our group are technical account managers with expertise backed up by our assigned BT employed Sales Specialist.

Surrounding the BT MPLS product are Cloud, Security and Managed LAN together with numerous other options. We'll walk you through the entire product set.

Join companies such as Permira, CDC Global, Russell Finex and Medivet. All clients of The Network Union.

We're a Premier Partner of BT and writers on all things WAN procurement over at

Need to learn about the BT product set? Invite us to conduct a free BT Managed Services product workshop.

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The Network Union is an Authorised Partner of BT. We help IT teams buy BT IP Clear with technical account management and a wealth of BT WAN product knowledge.

We’re trusted by numerous organisations including Permira Global, British Legion, CDC Global, Russell Finex and more.

As a Partner of BT we work differently to how most prospects expect; We don't own any customer contracts. To validate our approach, our company is listed on the BT Partners page.

All support, billing and contractual arrangements are between your business and BT UK or Global Services. Our contractual framework with BT allows us to technically account manage your business. With no added cost or margins. In fact we work with you to achieve excellent BT MPLS price points.

An alternative route to the usual direct path into BT. Our award-winning partnership operates within a niche area of BT Business. As a Premier Partner, we enjoy an uplifted internal BT support team (great for our customers) together with access to product specialists.

In fact, our largest BT clients feel as though they're serviced by a highly focused, agile resource by engaging via our resources.

We'll help you technically align your business with the right BT MPLS design and pricing both within the presales phase and during the contract.

We write for as their WAN procurement experts. And have won no less than four awards in the last few years.

We share our profit with you?

We are paid a commission when customers place orders with BT via our Authorised Partnership, which means we can share some profitability back to you, the BT customer. Our relationship with BT helps us make becoming a new customer or upgrading existing connectivity as simple as possible and, in some cases, the Partner channel has exclusive deals that are not available directly from BT.

Joining is simple and free and there is no commitment to order. The WAN buying journey is often complex. In the first instance, we'll help you architect your Global Services or UK connectivity. Alignment of user traffic flow, application performance, strategy and budget are all components of our pre-sales process. We are supported by BY employed resources including Technical Design Authority and Sales Specialist. 

Remember: You are potentially buying a direct BT supplied service and will receive exactly the same support vs. direct. With the addition of our technical account management and our uplifted BT Premier escalation points of contact if needed. 

Joining the group is just a formality. We'll be directed by you on how to proceed with a proposal.

How to obtain IP Clear design & pricing?

Medivet are at 150 sites with IP Clear.

We are a Premier Partner of BT, recognised for our technical account management success across data services. We’re able to design, propose and provide BT IP Clear wires only or managed WAN pricing with buying group discounts. Currently set at 10% of your first year monthly billing based on your BT invoice. Joining the buying group is free and without commitment and will result in reduced pricing.

All of our customers contract directly with BT end to end including support and billing. Where do we add value? First, there's our buying group discounts. We’re paid revenue under our Authorised Partner contract. Simply put, we share some of this financial reward with group members. However, our value doesn’t end there. Our BT team are all technical with serious knowledge of WAN procurement and specific detail across BT products. As a Premier Partner of BT, we operate with resources such as an escalation point of contact, account manager and sales specialists. Need a demonstration of our expertise? Check our writing on and you can view our BT relationship here on the website.

All designed to improve your BT relationship, align your requirements with a good design across WAN, Security and Cloud. With discounts. There is nothing to sign with us and you’ll enjoy a direct BT contractual relationship for peace of mind.


Copper and Superfast FTTC Broadband into MPLS

While Ethernet offers robust end to end fibre, smaller offices or failover circuits benefit from lower cost ADSL and fibre broadband.

Services across broadband, including copper and FTTC, will vary in terms of performance. With this said, FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) services perform well with download speeds close to 80Mbps for offices close to the exchange with good quality copper connectivity

Standard end to end copper-based ADSL services are variable with some performing close to 20Mbps download with poor upload speeds. A good connection will push toward 24Mbps in some areas. We can check performance via the BT availability checker on all sites which require ADSL and Broadband connectivity.


Ethernet Flex Services, 1Gbp/s and 100Mbp/s

Ethernet products are based on 1Gbps and 100Mbps flex services allowing tiered bandwidth in increments across the circuit.

This provides businesses with a cost-benefit since the actual bandwidth is priced accordingly. In other words, you might select 50Mbp/s provisioned via 100Mbp/s Ethernet. The pricing calculator will ask for particular tiers to reflect your budget and design.


EFM - Ethernet First Mile and GEA

EFM occupies a space between ADSL, fibre Broadband connectivity and Ethernet connectivity.

In short, EFM bundles together copper connectivity to produce speeds of up to 30Mbps dependent on your particular office site vs the BT network. EFM provides symmetrical connectivity (same upstream bandwidth as the downstream bandwidth) and improved fix times across the IP Clear SLA.

GEA (Generic Ethernet Access) provides symmetrical connectivity using FTTC technology. The maximum available speed is 20Mbps.


IP Clear Secure Plus - building in no single point of failure

BT Secure Pus is designed to provide solutions with no single point of failure using two Ethernet fibre circuits diversely routed to two different PE MPLS (Provider Edge) nodes. The cost of Secure Plus is largely dependent on the proximity to the local POP, i.e. the longer the tail circuit, the more your solution will cost.

Whether or not your real-world capability will contain points of failure (pinch points) is dependent on the site survey provided by Open Reach in the UK or whichever partner is used by BT Global Services on an international basis

What is the BT IP Clear SLA?

The complete BT IP Clear SLA.

First, let's discuss installation delivery lead times.

The following data represents the current BT delivery timescales vs connectivity based on their averages. We would always recommend caution when quoting any lead time to peers within your own business since the reality is somewhat different depending on your situation. As an example, issues such as wayleave and traffic management may provide significant delays.

Note: The condition is based on a national average over the period.

  • 95% completed within 35 working days (Contractual Delivery Date)
  • Applies to access connections of 2Mb/s and below, 2Mb/s Flex and standard 2Mb/s Secure+, for less than five sites per network.
  • 95% completed within 60 working days (Contractual Delivery Date)
  • Applies to access connections above 2Mb/s and 2Mb/s Secure+ (SDH) for less than five sites per network.
  • 95% completed within 38 working days (Contractual Delivery Date)
  • Applies to access connections at 10Mb/s and 100Mb/s Flex for less than five sites per network.
  • 95% completed within 38 working days (Contractual Delivery Date)
  • Applies to access connections at 1 GigE for less than five sites per network.
  • 95% completed within 25 working days (Contractual Delivery Date)
  • Applies to ADSL access with bandwidth ranging from 256kb/s to 2mb/s
  • 95% completed within 10 working days (Contractual Delivery Date)

Applies to ADSL Connect Wires only delivery

Fault clear time for Total care customers
95% cleared in 5 hours

ADSL/Super-fast Services with Enhanced Care
90% cleared in 20 hours
ADSL/Super-fast Services with Standard Care
90% cleared in 40 hours
ADSL/Super-fast Service with Express Care
90% cleared in 7 hours

IP Clear latency and QoS (Quality of Service) for application performance

Mean Round Trip Delay across MPLS Core


Class 1 - Expedited Forwarding Indicative - 20ms 

  • Class 2 - Assured Forwarding Indicative - 23ms 

  • Class 3 - Best Effort Indicative - 30ms

Busiest sample period measured in the core for longest possible route across the core. In 
the large majority of cases, the core delay experienced by customer traffic will be much smaller - these figures apply to network performance for the whole core.

Packet Delivery across the MPLS Core

  • Class 1 - Indicative - 99.9% 
Class 2 - Indicative -
  • 99.95% 
Class 3 - Indicative - 99.8%

Busiest sampled period measured in the core. These figures to network performance for the whole core.

Packet jitter across the MPLS Core

Core mean average Jitter 
Indicative = 3.5ms

Applies to Class 1 only. Busiest sampled period measured in the core. These figures to network performance for the whole core.

ADSL Connect

Not targeted to achieve a minimum throughput but full line rate when bandwidth permits.


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