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We're an Authorised Partner of BT Business with some fantastic offers and deals across BT Business Mobile.

How it works? Enjoy the same direct BT contract, support and billing but order from the Partner Channel for our latest offers across SIM only, iPhone and Android. Simply get in touch and our account managers will work your order through BT systems.

All handsets are available including the latest iPhone XS / XS Max and XR. If you're interested in Android, access the latest Galaxy S9 devices.

Did you know if you resign your BT Broadband, you're entitled to a further £5 discount off your mobile invoice?

Please note, the deals and offers listed below represent approximately 30% of available hardware. If you wish to purchase a handset not listed on this page, please let us know.

If your business is looking to bulk buy handsets, please contact us for a bespoke offer.

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What you need to know? All orders are placed directly onto BT systems. You'll receive your handset from BT. Please note that your contractual relationship is with BT end to end including support and billing. Cash back is paid from Network Union. The £5 monthly Broadband discount is applied by BT.

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The comparison of iPhone XS & XS Max vs XR from BT Business Mobile.

If you would like to compare devices in more detail, please visit the Apple comparison page.

The iPhone XS and XS Max are the latest handsets from Apple with the highest resolution screens at 2436x1125 for the XS model (5.8") and 2688x1242 pixels for the XS Max (6.5") with up to 2 metres of water resistance for up to 30 minutes.

The XR  offers a display of 6.1" via liquid retina technology and a resolution of 1792x828 pixels with 1 metre water protection.

Both devices use the new A12 Apple processor offering tremendous power with a 12MP wide angle camera. The XS and XS Max both offer telephoto capability whereas the XR does not offer this feature.

Apple iPhone XS Max BT Mobile

The Apple iPhone XS Max from BT Business Mobile.


About the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+?

The S9 and S9+ come in 5.8" and 6.2" respectively. With Quad HD displays at a resolution of 2960x1440, the clarity is stunning.

The camera offers an 8MP front sensor and 12MP rear sensor with various features including panorama, selfie, slow motion and hyperlapse. Perhaps a major difference between the two models is the optical image stabilisation found in the S9+.

Both handsets are amazingly powerful with 64-bit processors offering a significant power increase vs the previous generation.

What we like most is the edge to edge folding display, the phone looks simply great.