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Authorised Partner of BT. An alternative route into BT Business for Global & UK Enterprise. Dedicated account management with WAN design expertise across BT MPLS, BT VPLS, Private Circuits, SIP and Cloud products.

Complete our global or UK spreadsheet template. We'll return MPLS & VPLS pricing with a personalised Visio detailing latency, jitter, uptime and coverage vs your specific locations.

Request BT MPLS Pricing

A highly effective Partner of BT. We specialise in design, pricing and account management. With specific expertise surrounding the BT Global and UK MPLS WAN connectivity product set.

BT MPLS Pricing

Need to set budgets across Global or UK connectivity? Submit a spreadsheet. In confidence, we submit your data for pricing into our BT resources which outputs direct pricing for UK and Global services.

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The Workshop

Fast track your teams skills with one of our free step-by-step workshops. Held at your office, learn about WAN procurement and technologies including SD-WAN, Hybrid, MPLS & VPLS.

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The Visio

Make sense of your pricing. While we wait for your pricing to generate, we'll create a Visio specific to your locations. Gain clarity on reach, latency, jitter and uptime. An at a glance overview of your prospective WAN.

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Award Winning Mindmap of BT UK & Global WAN products

At a glance view of the latest BT MPLS, VPLS and Internet products together with application performance, uptime and feature set.

  • From wires only to the largest Enterprise Global WAN solution, you'll get to understand your options
  • We have highlighted why IT Managers might select one product vs another
  • BT SLA breakdown is included, understand uptime, delivery and QoS performance
  • How to achieve excellent BT MPLS & VPLS price points

How it works

As an Authorised Partner of BT, we do not resell connectivity. All end to end contracts, support and billing are provided by BT Business. We hold a specific contract with BT allowing us to work with prospects and clients to design, price and account manage your business throughout contract. We are both BT product experts and WAN procurement educators offering an alternative route into the wider BT Business. With no addition fees or added margins.

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Network Union are currently working with a number of clients, including Royal British Legion, Best Invest, Permira, Russell Finex and more.

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Network Union proposed a fit for purpose up to date BT MPLS Ethernet WAN replacement. We really enjoy working with them.

Today our network is in excess of 100 sites and growing.


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